The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven

Simon Franglen has co-composed the score for director Antoine Fuqua’s The Magnificent Seven, which he completed following the tragic death of his long-time colleague and friend, composer James Horner. 

Recorded in the spring of 2016, The 107 minute score combines the classic feel of a Western score with contemporary rhythms and textures,  using an 80 piece orchestra recorded at Fox Studios. 

The film stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt and is premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in  the autumn of 2016


The Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower

Imagine being able to walk around inside a musical work.

The Shanghai Tower commissioned Simon to compose a fully immersive symphonic suite for a totally unique venue, 2000 feet in the air.

Featuring four interlocking orchestral parts, a 48 voice choir and five octaves of bells, it will be premiered at the 3D immersive hall on the 126th floor of the Shanghai Tower in the autumn of 2016.

The space is fitted with 260 loudspeakers, using the revolutionary Iosono sound system in a true three dimensional array. Simon has written a suite with four separate interlocking orchestras to attempt to break new ground in how it is possible to listen to music. 




Voyage of Time

Voyage of Time

Long evolving vocal and string tensions created by shifting tritone cadences are the heart of the music that Simon has recently written for Terrence Malick's Voyage of Time. 

Thirty years in the making,, the film is Terrence Malick’s astonishing journey through space and time to be premiered at the Venice Film Festival in the autumn of 2016